Bonnie Rose

Bonnie Rose, MA, LMFT Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist is a well-respected licensed psychotherapist, lecturer, and fine artist – celebrating 28 years of private practice based on professional training with James F. T. Bugental, PhD in Humanistic-Existential Depth Psychotherapy. This heartfelt and highly effective approach enhances her use of EMDR, Somatic Experiencing and ISTDP as treatment modalities.

Her extensive involvement in a broad scope of community programs adds depth and dimension to her professional and life experience. Along with her private psychotherapy practice, she is on the board of the Existential Humanistic Institute as a group consultation facilitator and instructor training students and professional psychotherapists how to enrich their skills within an Existential Humanistic foundation. She has also been part of the faculty in a Community College setting for 18 years, as well as a High School Art Teacher for 13 years. Subjects taught were General Psychology, Personal Growth & Development, Marriage & Family, Life Span Development, Human Sexuality and Intimacy, Abnormal Psychology, Adolescent & Child Psychology, Painting & Design, Ceramics, Photography, and Art History.

Bonnie cherishes her life gifts as a mentor, spiritual partner, a mother of adult children, a grandmother, a daughter of recently deceased elder parents, a sister, a friend, a sacred healer, a writer, and a fine artist.

She also cultivates many joys in her life including painting, swimming, her love of animals, her garden, using farm fresh foods for culinary creations, as well as appreciating and creating beauty everywhere.

Bonnie's Biography on Psychology Today, Good Therapy, and Existential-Humanistic Institute.




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